Full-Service Accountant in Hubbards, Nova Scotia with 25+ Years’ Experience

Mary MacInnis, CGA CPA is an accountant in the Hubbards area, offering fast and reliable accounting services as well as financial guidance for business and personal needs. Serving small businesses of every industry for over 25 years, Mary MacInnis is a Nova Scotia accountant with the experience to help businesses grow, resolve financial issues, and avoid difficulty in the future.

Her professional accounting services for small businesses covers a complete range of bookkeeping and accountant needs from tax filings, HST filings, and business advice to corporate returns, trust returns, financial statements, Quickbooks consulting, foreign income reporting and more. As a professional bookkeeper with CGA and CPA certifications, Mary MacInnis focuses on local business challenges as well as up-to-date national and provincial laws that must be considered for unhindered business operation.

By utilizing modern technology and excelling in a wide-variety of industries, Mary MacInnis accounting resources are designed to achieve excellent business standards, prevent costly financial penalties, and maximize efficiency in everyday operations. Mary MacInnis is currently based in Chester and proudly serves surrounding areas with premier accounting in Nova Scotia. Please feel free to contact us today for an over-the-phone consultation and to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

All of Your Accounting Needs In Hubbards Under One Roof

Mary MacInnis has been working closely with small businesses in Nova Scotia for over 25 years. Her ability to understand client needs and provide the specific services they require make it quick and easy to organize their business finances. She also offers advice for entrepreneurs and financial counsel for small businesses with short and long-term business security in mind. Because accounting is time-consuming and complex, leave it in the hands of a professional to take care of your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on the core of your business.

As an accountant in the Hubbards area, Mary MacInnis offers the following services with scheduled monthly and on-demand accounting for personal, corporate, partnership and trust needs in:

• Bookkeeping
• Financial Statements
• Tax Filing
• HST Filing
• Corporate Returns
• Trust Returns
• Information Returns
• Cloud-Based Accounting (Quickbooks, Onvio)
• Quickbooks Coaching
• Foreign Currency Accounting
• Foreign Income Reporting
• Accounting System Change Consulting
• Tax Planning
• Non-Residential Real Estate Filings
• Rental Income Reporting for Non-Residents
• Payroll and Payroll Support

… and more

Countless Clients in Hubbards Served

Small businesses in Chester and surrounding areas have been availing of Mary MacInnes accounting since 1990. During that time, she has offered her trustworthy and insightful services to a broad spectrum of clients, many of whom are still in business to this day. A valuable accountant in Hubbards makes for a lasting partnership that can see a business grow and expand well beyond Nova Scotia. For businesses simply wishing to overcome local challenges and stay up-to-date on local and national tax and business laws, Mary MacInnes ensures that they can avoid common pitfalls and are prepared for profitable opportunities at all times. With competitive rates and fully-customizable accountant packages that reflect the needs of every business and individual, Mary MacInnes is always available for affordable and worry-free accountant services in Hubbards.

Accountant in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Residents of Hubbards know all-too-well that their local shops and businesses maintain some of the highest-quality goods and services in Nova Scotia with a strong local shopping ethic that encourages tourism and an excellent standard of living. Mary MacInnes offers accounting services in Hubbards, Nova Scotia with an understanding of local industries and how best to serve clients in hospitality, tourism, the marine industry, and the various seasonal economies of this Nova Scotia community.